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BIOFLEX P120 Personal Therapy System

🇨🇦 $2,500.00

The BIOFLEX Personal 120 is the most advanced and powerful light therapy medical device created to deliver professional results at home. BIOFLEX is designed to be safely applied directly to the skin.

  • Includes our innovative
    protocols for four stages
    of progression
  • Easy to use controls
    include pause and stop
    for user safety
  • Ergonomic and sturdy design with big, easy to use buttons and high contrast colors
  • Visual and audio cues
    indicate when to change the array
  • Includes online webinars to
    make the most out of every
Tech Specs

Diodes: 120

Effective Surface Area: 109 cm2
/ 16.9 in2

Total Optical Power: Red 709mW, Near Infrared 1420 mW

Power Density: Red 6.5 mW/cm2, Infrared 13 mW/cm2

Wavelength: Red 660nm, Near Infrared 840nm

Product Dimensions

length: 16in width:14in height: 6in weight: 5 lbs 

What's Included
  • controller unit
  • treatment array
  • power cable
  • safety glasses
  • carrying case
  • product manual
  • array strap

 Medical Grade Technology

The BIOFLEX Personal System offers many treatments that are based on over three decades of clinical development by Dr. Kahn and his medical team. Each treatment area has four intensity stages with different light dosages and pulsations to treat various anatomical areas. By altering these stages, the patient can overcome adaptation of the body to light stimulation, thereby consistently providing the most effective dosage.

  • 100% Made In Canada
  • Unique treatment pad design stands out from the competition
  • High quality bi-color superluminous diodes
  • Highly flexible for optimal contact and targeted absorption
  • BIOFLEX personal systems come with a 2 year warranty
  • Ongoing support from clinical BIOFLEX healthcare professionals

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Rating & Review

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